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James Hennis/ General Partner

I was raised in North Carolina in a small town.  I joined the Army to be a 19 Delta and was successful until I was injured.  Now, I live in Colorado Springs with my wife and three sons.  I originally thought of the idea for the company when I had to turn people down for credit.  Some of them did not understand what happened, that is when myself and Stephen decided to help those people succeed in life.

Stephen Holmes/ General Partner

Originally from Alabama, I was also an Army soldier and Iraq vet. I decided to leave the Army, go to college, and help people. 
Myself and James met in college about two years ago, and one day we were talking about finances.  He told me the story about people not understanding certain things about their finances and I knew that I wanted to be part of it.  We had to decide how we were going to help.  That is when we created Rocky Mountain Consulting L.L.P., so let us help you succeed.  We know that sometimes people need help and that is why we are here, continuing to serve our country.